Winter Break Information for Students Leaving Campus from ResLife

Here is some information for parents regarding the closing on residence halls, wood frame houses and program houses over Winter Break:

University residences will close at 12 p.m. (noon) on Sunday, December 19, 2021. The staff will start first rounds at 9 a.m. to make sure the students who are still on campus are preparing for their departure.  Please be remind your student to be sure they have removed any items that are violations of the community standardsFire and Life Safety Guidelines or Physical Plant Guidelines, as staff are required to document any items/violations they see.  All students, unless given special permission to stay, should be out of their building no later than noon. Students who do not leave by 12 p.m. (noon), will be given judicial points for non-compliance.  

The staff will continue rounds, checking that rooms are secure, until all students have vacated their building. All residence halls and most program houses that are closed will be alarmed to prevent thefts. If someone tries to enter, it will set off an alarm and either Public Safety or Middletown Police will come to investigate. Residence card access is also suspended for non-approved students over the break period. It is important that for students to take anything they will need over break since they will not be able to access their residence. 


Students who ARE returning to the same housing assignment for the Spring semester DO NOT turn in keys to Residential Life, they need to hold on to their key and bring it back with them when they return for Spring semester. 

Students who are NOT returning to the same housing assignment for the Spring semester; i.e. graduating in December, going on Leave, studying abroad in the Spring, changing housing assignments, etc. MUST return their key(s) to Residential Life prior to departing campus and prior to the closure of housing on December 19th


Historically, student residences are more likely to have a break-in occur over winter break than other times of the year.  It is very important that windows and doors are secured and that students follow the instructions on their closing checklists. Students are encouraged to take valuables with them.

Before students leave, they should make sure that all garbage (including items in your refrigerator) has been disposed of properly. Leave the refrigerator plugged in, but please make sure all other electronics are either unplugged or taken home. 

Please remind students to also take any medications, important papers, passports, identification, wallets, and school work that they will need for the break since they will not be able to access their residence until the building re-opens on January 17, 2022. 

All students who have been given permission to stay on campus for the break have been notified via email.  If your student applied and did not receive notification of the status of their request please contact ResLife at or 860-685-3550.   

Residential Life has transitioned to a help ticket system, students can also contact ResLife by submitting a ticket in their WesPortal.  Please Note: Starting in January 2022, the email address will no longer function. Students can contact the office primarily through the ticket system, by phone, or by emailing the appropriate staff member for your question/concern- more info can be found on our website. 

**Seniors who live in wood frame houses are not sent confirmation emails since they only have to register.** 

Please let us know if you have any questions and good luck on finals! 

The Office of Residential Life Staff